FAQs ...


  • When is the deadline to enter?

    Tuesday, September 25, 2012.

  • What is the registration fee and what does this include?

    The registration fee is $200 and will include that cost of the hog.

  • Where do the proceeds go for this event?

    All net proceeds go directly to the Clarendon County Library to promote literacy and summer reading programs for local citizens.

  • Are there places for cook teams to get food near the park?

    Yes. One block away. However, biscuits will be provided on Saturday morning to the cook teams.

  • How many cook teams will be allowed?

    The maximum number of teams will not exceed 30.

  • Will there be an Anything But Pork night again this year?

    There will NOT be an "Anything But Pork" night this year, sorry.

  • Will there be a dessert competition this year?

    No, there will be no dessert competitions this year.

  • What meats will be prepared?

    Whole hogs only.

  • Who serves to the public on Saturday?

    Volunteers of the event.

  • Are campers allowed?

    Yes, but in limited supply. Check with event organizers.

  • May I bring my pet?

    No. Pets are not allowed. This is a state Department of Health and Environmental Control regulation.


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